Employment .Environment , Working and Quality Policy

Our company having some of policy and has been summarize which is created the harmonization between The Company , Employee and the client as well , so therefore we can achieved the goal and have synergize each other  .

Employment Policy

  • We have to employ the employee with 21 years age Min and 40 years age Max.
  • Non Alcoholics, Drug or any ilegal thing that banned by the law.
  • Have the knowledge in shipping business and or any min requirement by the company.
  • Can work in team and groups. and fully rensponsibility.


  • To Protec Environment and minimise pollution.
  • Maintain and continually improve our environment management system.
  • Find the solution if any accident occured.

Working Policy

  • Have to apply the team work between the staff.
  • Speed and accuracy information given by the manager / principals.
  • Briefing and meeting have to conduct every time before starting the project
  • Daily controll and reports must be made by the higher rolex watches level management , to achieved the fast and accurate information.

Quality Policy

  • We commited to delivering the services in hight qulity.
  • we comply with all legal , regulation , and other applicable requirement in every scope of work.
  • Project principals and all the staff are responsible for the quality of the project , as agreed by the clients.